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Best possible efforts are made to provide the better web accessibility. Please see the detail accessibility guide as below.

Images delivering contents have the appropriate alternative tag (called, alt tag) with the title of the content and in some cases, short truncated version of the contents. Images for decorative purpose has no alt tag but instead just # is inserted in the alt tag

Links to external page and/or website have title tag that says 'opens in new window' letting screen readers know that they are redirected to another browser tab or window.

Read more, more details, etc of such type contents all have the title available for the scren readers but hidden visually from the browser. Such is for screen reader users to avoid confusion of all 'read more' link and titles.

For skipping the navigations and jumping to the contents area is provided for all the pages.  They are 'skip navigation' tag  or 'skip to content' tag.

Major content blocks have appropriate headings for easier navigation.

For videos, best possible efforts are made to offer the video manuscripts. However, due to the nature of videos available from service providers including youtube, video manuscript may not be available all the time.

For any accessibility questions, please contact below.

Ms. Su Wan Cho
Fax: +82-2-714-9785
Fl 13, KeumKang Penterium IT Tower, 74-2, Dangsandong 4-Ga, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea

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