Applicable renewable energy techniques in road

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TitleApplicable renewable energy techniques in road
Profile TypeTechnology Request
DTK CodeTR201802
Internal ReferenceTRKR20180112002

A Korean company that specializes in the engineering and construction services for highways, roads, and airports was established in 1973. The company focuses on working to find an appropriate location for the new airport and expanse the national road development are the major area of their business. The company is looking for the collaboration of working in renewable energy technology that is able to be applied on the road with research cooperation and license agreement.

Type and Role of Partner Sought
  • Type of partner sought: Companies have professional perspectives on the engineering and construction along with renewable energy.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner: The partners should be specialized in the engineering and construction and also interested in the new technology of renewable energies.
  • The company is planning to apply renewable energies (solar, wind, hydrogen, and ocean, etc) on the road with the agreement of license and research cooperation. 
Type of Partnership Considered

License Agreement, Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordconstruction , engineering , solar , technology , wind energy
EEN Application FileEEN Application File TRKR20180112002.PDF

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