Artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep learning technology in drug discovery

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TitleArtificial intelligence (AI) and Deep learning technology in drug discovery
Profile TypeTechnology Request
DTK CodeTR201702
Internal ReferenceJTG

A large pharmaceutical company is now seeking for opportunity for collaboration.

Request for Technology:

  • Researchers, research projects in universities/institutes and startups, which have earlystage technology, research or services of Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning in the field of drug discovery and pharmaceutical research.
  • Technology/research should preferably be related with chemistry-related matter such as medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis and safety assessment/prediction of drug candidates.
  • Researcher/research institute/startups, who explore application of their technology in the future drug discovery project of pharmaceutical industry, are highly desirable.
Type and Role of Partner Sought
  • The company is interested in collaboration with researchers in universities, academic institutes and startups.
Type of Partnership Considered

Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordartificial intelligence , drug , japan , pharmaceutical , technology
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