Blood brain barrier (BBB) permeation technology, which would deliver medicine to brain

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TitleBlood brain barrier (BBB) permeation technology, which would deliver medicine to brain
Profile TypeTechnology Request
DTK CodeTR201701
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A large pharmaceutical company is now seeking for opportunity for collaboration.

Request for Technology:

  • Blood brain barrier (BBB) permeation technology enabling the delivery of medicine to brain is sought for. The medicine includes, for example, nucleic acid, peptide middle size molecule (molecular weight>500), hydrophilic molecule, protein and antibody, which do not permeate BBB by conventional administration route such as oral dosing.
  • BBB permeation technology can include medical device, drug delivery system (DDS), and nasal dosing.
  • The proposed technology should preferably be at least in the stage where the concept of BBB permeation is demonstrated in the animal experiment so that they are looking for diseases, target molecules and projects applicable.

Type and Role of Partner Sought
  • The company is interested in collaboration with researchers in universities, academic institutes and startups.
  • The company is interested in an early-stage opportunity that is not yet in clinical phase.
  • The company is aiming at starting collaborative research with promising candidates in 2017.
Type of Partnership Considered

Research Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordblood barin barrier , medicine , technology
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