Development of a wind power generator with a capacity of 300W

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TitleDevelopment of a wind power generator with a capacity of 300W
Profile TypeTechnology Offer
DTK CodeTO201714
Internal ReferenceTOKR20170727001
IndustryIntelligent Energy

A Korean SME is offering expertise technology in renewable energy technologies. The company is
specialized in developing a wind power generator with a capacity of 300W. In addition to the
generator, a hybrid system utilizing energy saving solutions was constructed as sets of streetlights. This SME is looking for European partners that are interested in the technology and wish to conclude a license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type of partner sought

  • SME, large companies, research institutions, universities

Specific area of activity of partner

  • Wind energy generator

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought

  • commercialization of the product through a license agreement
Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, License Agreement

Technology Keyworddistribution , electric , electricity , energy management , engines , equipment , generators , motors , power converters , power transmission , production , transmission , wind energy
EEN Application FileEEN Application File TOKR20170727001.PDF

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