Inspection for long range microbore tubes by using sensor equipment with guided wave

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TitleInspection for long range microbore tubes by using sensor equipment with guided wave
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DTK CodeTO201807
Internal ReferenceTOKR20180119001

A Korean research and development laboratory for electricity has developed the technology for testing pipelines by using long range microbore tube with guided wave. The technology is suitable to examine inside and outside defects and searching thinning-wall of the pipe. The technology is valuable for various pipeline related industries. The company prefers to cooperate with partners based on commercial agreement with technical assistance, research cooperation, licensing and services agreement.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

- Type of partner sought: SME or large enterprise preferable with experience in consortium

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Any partners especially construction companies, manufacturers and power stations are appreciated. Cooperative work is possible with partners who need pipes as their equipment such as for water, steam, oil, and chemicals.

- The task to be performed: It would be great to work together with partners who have diverse experience in real field based on theoretical knowledge about signal analysis for distinguishing signals of thinning pipe are appreciated. For cooperative partnership, the company wants to share specific rights and advice about technology based on license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance. Moreover, with both research cooperation and services agreement, the company tries to find partners who are cooperative for develop and improve the technology together.

Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, License Agreement, Research Cooperation Agreement, Services Agreement

Technology Keywordanalysis method , equipment , measurement , sensors
EEN Application FileEEN Application File TOKR20180119001.PDF

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