iRinger: IoT (Internet of Things) based remote sap monitoring system

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TitleiRinger: IoT (Internet of Things) based remote sap monitoring system
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Shinsung TK is found in 2014 with an IoT based remote sap monitoring system named iRinger. It is focusing on IoT based mobile healthcare products. The company has its firm goal to growing, keep questioning to make a futuristic value. 

To measure fluid capacity and prevent malfuction by external sound, transfered and received signals are isolated by modulating voltage signals. Moreover, remaining amount of fluid and injection time is provided to patients and doctors via server-client based smartphone applications.

The injection speed of sap is crucial not only for drugs such as anti-cancer drugs and antibiotics, but also for nutritional supplements and general fluids. Since sap is conducted directly in veins, the treatment needs to be accurate. 

Main Functions

-Fluid inputs are counted and shared by MCU (Main Control Unit), displaying data on smartphone applications and web screen.

-Real-time cc/hr, gtt value monitoring display.

-Provides automatic calculation of cc/hr, gtt values.

-Able to check the amount of fluid input and the remaining time effectively.

-Sorting system functions by the amount of remaining time.

-Modification of fluid data under administration.

-Remote multi-monitoring system.

-Automatic alert system to external individual via smartphone when fluid administration is abnormal.

-Automatic database cleaning up system following completion order

-Battery capacity auto-checking system

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