Waste heat recovery monitoring system

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TitleWaste heat recovery monitoring system
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A Korean SME is founded in 2014 as an energy-saving organization by diagnosing whether energy is lost and how much its loss is and consulting to be improved. The company suggests the service which enables to reduce the costs and satisfy the needs of their customers. They aim to utilize the technologies in the industry with production of waste heats, so they are open to the partnership of manufacturing, technical cooperation agreement, and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

- Type of partner sought: SME or large companies - Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners should be engaged in research and development of energy efficiency and manufacturing economizers. - Task to be performed: Desired partners should be cooperated in the framework of manufacturing, technical cooperation agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to apply the technology on the industries based upon the energy usage.

Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance, Manufacturing Agreement, Technical Cooperation Agreement

Technology Keywordenergy management , machinery , transport
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